Elijah Verdoorn

Programmer, Designer, Musician

I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Robinhood!


Software Engineer

Joining WeWork in August 2019 gave me the opportunity to lead the development of a spatial rendering SDK for Android clients. Design, implementation, testing, documentation, and tooling around this SDK all fell under my purview. During the development process of this SDK I established team practices around using Kotlin coroutines, testing under a continuous integration system, and clean code via automated linting and customized lint rules that would eventually be shipped to SDK consumers. This SDK was developed with flexibility and ease of consumption in mind, with adoption beginning within the company and eventually expanding to external consumers.

Following the completion of this SDK project I turned my attention to the design and development of a novel Android application intended to expand WeWork’s target market by enabling new experiences within existing WeWork spaces. Developing this application gave me the opportunity to gain experience using GraphQL, expand my knowledge of Kotlin’s coroutines, and more deeply understand the process around bringing new products to market. This project also gave me the chance to be a part of making technical decisions early in the life of the application; I completed research and evaluated various options for billing integrations, networking, security, identity management, continuous integration, and release management. Within this evaluation period I balanced criteria related to developer satisfaction, application stability, speed of delivery, and testability. The project was completed on-time with a unit test coverage rate exceeding 75%, resulting in a stable and predictable launch cycle.


Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer at Pandora I gained additional experience working with Android, extended my knowledge of effective development practices, expanded my leadership abilities, and became more confident in my technical capabilities. I was a strong advocate for adopting emerging technologies into the code I was responsible for; I refactored large swaths of the existing codebase during the years I held this position. Specific technical accomplishments include a migration of the codebase to a reactive architecture, expansion of the usage of Kotlin in the codebase to over 50%, a complete re-write of revenue-generating ads code, and the removal of error-prone legacy code.

In addition to the technical experience that I gained, my time at Pandora taught me a great deal about how to lead an engineering team. I gave presentations, mentored interns and apprentices, wrote blog posts, published open-source code, maintained onboarding and general team documentation, and worked to improve my team’s communication practices. Working in this capacity also gave me the chance to work with remote developers, leading to the improvement of my written and asynchronous communication skills. I enjoyed the opportunity to expand my capabilities and learn more about how products can be improved by streamlining the development process.

Software Engineering Intern

Summer 2017 afforded me the opportunity to work as an intern at Pandora Media, Inc. on their Android team. Through this opportunity, I gained a deeper understanding of the software engineering process for applications that are targeted to a large audience, more hands-on experience with unit and UI testing, continuous integration techniques, UX design, content management, and big data querying and manipulation. I completed development of an internal prototype feature within the existing Android application and contributed to the development of two different versions of the production software. I also worked for the first time in the Kotlin language, which I found to be a pleasant, effective, and expressive programming language for the Android platform.

St Olaf College Student Government Association

Chief Technology Officer

During the 2016-2017 academic year, I had the honor of being selected to hold the office of Chief Technology Officer of the largest organization on my college campus. I managed a team of engineers to rebuild All About Olaf, a cross-platform mobile application collecting resources for the student population in one convenient location, while maintaining and improving Oleville.com, the college’s student hub. I served on the Student Senate, and was a member of the Executive Team, a guiding organization for the student body also tasked with putting on over 150 events each academic year. Through this work I gained leadership skills, management experience, sensitivity for varied student issues, and a deeper appreciation for the strengths of others. I consider this year-long experience to be the most defining aspect of my time at St. Olaf College.


Software Development Intern

I had my first professional internship at ProtoLabs, Inc. during the summer of 2016. I spent my time embedded in the Manufacturing Software Team, working to modernize and build out their aging order management system. I learned to operate in an agile development environment, including meeting management, task sizing, time estimation, and prioritization. I had the opportunity to participate in large refactoring and architecture discussions, and led the charge to implement the Model-View-Controller pattern into the application. This change was made more complicated by the fact that large portions of the code base were written in VB Script, which does not provide many tools for implementing modern patterns. I worked diligently to refactor this legacy code into C#, which allows use of the formal Microsoft MVC libraries. During my time at ProtoLabs, I had the privilege of attending their annual developer conference, where I participated in conversation about the latest technologies and how new developments could benefit the business.